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Hello ... I'm a screenwriter, editor, traveler, and former university professor with a number of mixed genre screenplays (and a book) that need representation by someone keen on great writing, and my pitch here is for a feature film based on London's Hackgate scandal.

'Adventures in Paradise' draws on the male and female dynamic of Kate Hepburn and Cary Grant, a dash of film noir, and bags of smart dialogue from the screwball comedy tradition of Howard Hawks ... So one way to look at it is a romantic comedy in collision with a revenge caper loaded with serious ideas not always presented with a straight face, unless they're knocking people out with scoops so huge they break BREAKING.

NOTW's tabloid conspiracies are translated into more than 25 major roles for women and men across generations to make these epic events jump off the screen.

And I'm particularly proud of the funny, intelligent, and essential roles I've written for women ages 30-80 that cannot relegated to the minor duty of breath mints.

#AdventuresinParadise places Great Britain in an international, controversial, and wildly successful context referencing the Downton Abbey-ish world of London's Mayfair with Clive Reade, my protaganist, while other scenes venture into the company of Liverpudlian crooks, bent coppers, Fleet Street media thugs, jet setters, Hollywood divas, and an appealing but treacherous California playboy, who I'd like Chris Hemsworth play.

A mixed genre film with no zombies, cannibals or aliens, I aim to raise questions about being related in an age in which we are all connected through social media but in more invasive and outrageous ways like hacking, blagging, stalking, and spying to create a viral tabloid fodder for a public grown fat on gossip, inflated bums, and lies.

Oof ... I pull no punches.

'Adventures in Paradise' has become my pet project, because I believe it has long legs - hopefully to enter the film canon to effect the way people view privacy, press responsibility, and truth in reportage, but first of all ... to give everyone an unforgettable time in the theatre.

Adventures in Paradise is copyrighted and registered with the Writer's Guild of America East.


Contact me at europabridge1@gmail.com or 1.617.583.3950 for a chat.

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